Aquatherapy provides a range of physiotherapy derived exercises carried out on a platform, sited underwater in heated water. This is used to enhance sensory perception promoting improved gait and strength.

Aquatherapy enables us to stimulate cutaneous sensory receptors whilst undertaking a range of specific physiotherapy derived exercises. These exercises might normally be too challenging for the animal on land, but by carrying them out underwater weight bearing is reduced and balance can be enhanced. The enhanced sensation of these methods can promote improved gait and strengthens core and specific muscles.

Benefits of Aquatherapy

Aquatherapy increases the efficacy of Canine Hydrotherapy and is used to treat the following:
Joint mobility
Muscle power
Central nervous system/sensory awareness
Pain control
Muscle tone and density
Posture, balance and co-ordination
Tissue repair
Weight loss
Increased speed of recovery

Performing specialist Aquatherapy techniques in the water ensures maximum rehabilitation impact with minimal discomfort to the patient in a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable environment.The absence of loading on the body allows treatments to be carried out in the water which the animal would find difficult or impossible on land. This allows an animal to regain normal movement and mobility much quicker than would otherwise be possible.Regular and correct movement of a joint or muscle group ensures the brain and central nervous system continue to recognise the ability of the area and continue sending the impulse messages required to achieve effective mobility.A site affected by illness, surgery or injury will very quickly cease to be used by the animal if it finds movement painful or too difficult. In a particularly short space of time the brain begins to stop sending messages of stimulation to the area and the problem becomes self-perpetuating.At ARC we pride ourselves in ensuring we use specific techniques to ‘re-train’ the animals brain and body to work together with the least amount of pain and discomfort.