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Kat H with Winnie

“Winnie was a very lively 1.5 year old Cockapoo when she was referred to ARC with a suspected cruciate ligament tear. Initially, she wasn’t overly keen on getting in to the water but after some encouragement from the team and several visits she was soon doing laps of the pool and strengthening her leg. Thanks to the expertise of the ARC team, she migrated from the pool to the treadmill over a period of weeks and is now well on the road to recovery and back to lengthy walks which makes her a happy little dog.“

Winnie is now free from lameness, no longer requiring rehabilitation. We hope to see her at ARC for general maintenance and recreational swims at Kat’s discretion. 

Haline F with Boris

“What a fantastic, caring, friendly and knowledgeable team of dog loving professionals. I do not think I could have found any better….With patience and love they got him in, and was swimming working those much needed muscles to extend his quality of life. Cannot thank you enough guys!“

Boris is a large hairy and heavy 8 year old German Shepherd Dog diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia, who was initially terrified of water.

Gill P with Sausage

“Animal rehabilitation Centre- is where you need to take your dog- Unless I need that spot!“

Sausage is an 11 year old Staffie intermittently  collapsing in hind limbs (paraparesis). X-Rays revealed bilateral mild hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis in hocks and elbows.

Maggie P with Monty

“Monty came to ARC in September 15 weeks away from a double hip replacement, after a few sessions I saw a tremendous improvement and now 18 mths on I have a very happy puppy dog who is free of pain and completely mobile, so am no longer even considering surgery, thank you all so much for giving Monty a good and happy life“

Monty is a 4 year old Golden Retriever with specialists considering total hip replacement. Conservative management in the hydrotherapy pool has help manage his condition to date.